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Dr Radha - 8 months post 2177 grafts op final update

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2177 grafts

1 hairs - 470

2 hairs - 1495

3 hairs - 212

Recipient area is 30sq.cm in size


I feel a large portion of the grafts never grew, whether because of dense packing causing them to not take or other reasons, I'm unsure. Most of the hair provides very little coverage some a small area towards the towards the middle providing almost no coverage. I'm hoping a small second session of 40 grafts/cm would be enough to make it appear fully dense.


While the result isn't satisfactory, the actual experience at the clinic was nice, everybody seemed warm and friendly. I wouldn't make any remarks about the clinic's quality, seeing as the majority here had great results from the same surgeon, but feel it's probably something about my healing characteristics being awful or something.










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I'm waiting until month 10 to contact the clinic, since that's when they said the final result is seen.

I don't think I'll be able to get free repair surgery or the likes as I'm focusing on other cosmetic surgery in the meantime that'll leave a scar along my hairline. It'll probably make it void or something.


When I mentioned the estimated density of 72 grafts/cm, I've had replies saying that it has to be less or they haven't seen that many grafts at once before, so I guess it was dense packed to much and the grafts just didn't take.


I also take dutasteride, cyproterone acetate and progynova. All of which should make androgenic hairloss impossible

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Imo the amount of grafts was borderline in the first place (you look pretty young judging by the pictures), so a "repair" would have to be considered with carefulness. But later it will be necessary probably; now the low desnity can be interpreted as the "entr?e" to your hairline, but if it thins out and recedes in the future, the density will not be sufficient in order to provide an aesthetical appearance maybe.

The whole approach of Dr. Radha thus was questionable imho, using such a big amount of grafts for a relatively very small area, especially using FUT.. I might be wrong though, it depends on multiple factors obviously...


Thank you for sharing in any case, and you have great hair btw :)

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HDish pictures for a last halfway between 10-11 months addition.

I'm definitely going to need a second procedure. At the current state, it doesn't provide much to my existing hair and I have to rely on the same 'combovers' I did pre op to look like I have a normal head of hair.




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