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Dr. Umar’s FUE Surgery Repairs Strip Scar and Continued Thinning in Hairline - 1600 G

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A conservative 1600 head hair grafts were used to create an amazing improvement in this patient’s overall appearance. The patient chose Dr. Umar for this procedure to repair the results of his first hair transplant which was done using the strip method. However, the outcome of this initial procedure was disappointing. Not only did most of the grafts fail to grow, but also he felt constrained by the presence of his scar which required longer hair lengths to keep it hidden.


Extraction of Head Donor Grafts


For this procedure, the patient wanted to target two objectives:


add density to his thinning top

cover his strip scar


These goals required 1600 total grafts. 1200 were needed for the top region around his hairline. And the remaining 400 were allocated for the strip scar. Dr. Umar removed these grafts using Follicular Unit Extraction


Although the patient had already undergone a previous hair transplant surgery, he still had enough follicular units on his scalp to meet these requirements. Therefore it was not necessary to harvest donor hair from other body regions.


Patient’s Photos of His Final Outcome


The images shown here reflect the patient’s appearance before and after his surgery. His improvements are not only attributed to successful growth yield, but also Dr. Umar’s careful and strategic insertions to recreate natural patterns and density on the head.


This surgery was able to achieve a more youthful looking frame around the patient’s face and cover the scar so that he could finally wear shorter styles with greater confidence.


Although his crown continues to remain empty, this region may be addressed in future procedures when the patient is ready to focus on this area.


As another note, due to the patient’s distance residence from the clinic, he was only able to take photos of his final results himself as opposed to having images taken by our office.











To watch this patient's video, click here

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Representing Dr. Umar of DermHair Clinic.


Dr. Umar is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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