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Lack of reviews

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I've been pondering about getting a transplant for 3 years now, I am about to get one done in November in Turkey. I am a grad student so money is an issue for me. At first I was going to go with Rahal or Armani here in North America because of the heavy bad reviews of overseas hair transplants on this forum 3 years ago. But I had a bad feeling about it,and I wanted to wait till I completely shed, to avoid getting another transplant due to me still balding. During these years I kept researching extensively... and realized that both Rahal and Armani are extremely over priced and only produce good results with patients in the early stages of hair loss. I then decided to travel to Turkey, that is when my eyes were really opened. That country is honestly made for the FUE procedure, yes there are scam artists but they are few and very easy to notice and dismiss. I am honestly shocked that this forum only recommends 3 or 4 doctors from Turkey of which are the most expensive ones there. I decided to do further research and search other non-english language forums, such as german, turkish, and arabic. The results and experiences I found were phenomenal. Something that would cost me 50 000 dollars at Rahal or Armani, costs 5000 in Turkey for the same exact results. So my advice here is to honestly branch out, outside of this forum to find the best solution for you. I will be posting a full review of my experience on this forum for my procedure. I will be under going 5000 grafts in two sessions for 2900 euros. Please PM so I can provide you with links to other forums, you can use the google translate in google chrome to translate those forums, also the pictures will give you the reviews you need as well.

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For Turkey, try Erkan Demirsoy.


don't listen to anyone who make such bold statements. never.


always talk with previous patients. ask them their experience. people are beautiful creatures. if they had a good experience, they will want to spread the word. if they had a bad experience, they will try to stop you.


internet is full of spammers and scammers. beware of them.

Watch this to have some fun :)


Funniest Hair Transplant Commercial

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