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From Megasession FUE to Megasession Strip

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Many who went to the master currently self-named after a famous Italian designer, only to later resort to repair sessions via strip megasessions. So, I would say it is certainly possible; but, like any procedure that is done, subsequent ones will prove more "challenging" in being able to harvest as many /or more grafts.


There are a couple guys on this forum who seem to have gone FUE --> FUT (Lesson and Hairdew spring to mind), but I don't believe either had extensive loss so their subsequent strip procedures weren't too huge.


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The answer to this question really depends on what kind of density you started with in the donor area. If it is high density than there is a good chance that you would be able to have a large/mega session with a strip on the second procedure. If the density is only average to begin with, then after having a FUE megasession

the donor area might become to sparse to then have a strip megasession on the second procedure.

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Ultimately, how much hair is available via strip is dependent on your scalp elasticity, and remaining donor density after follicular units have been extracted. It also depends on where most of the follicles were extracted via FUE. For a strip megasession, typically a 1.5 to 2.5cm donor strip is harvested from the occipital bump in the back extending ear to ear. Hair removed from the sides are usually well above the ears. The incision from the back to the sides is typically angled diagonal upwards. As long as too many follicular units haven't been taken from these areas via FUE and/or you have terrific hair density, you should be in good shape.


One other thing to keep in mind is that follicles surrounding extracted follicular units can contain scar tissue and potentially damage the viability of these grafts for transplanting. Ultimately, this could increase the risks for less than optimal hair growth.


In my opinion, consult with a qualifed hair restoration physician to evaluate your scalp and garner his/her professional input as to what can be done.


Best wishes,



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