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Just need some certainty


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I'm 21 years old, and I'm certain that what I have is hair loss.


I've been battling with major depression, a huge part stemming from self image issues and I think this would just completely break me again, which is probably why I've been trying to ignore it ever since I noticed it about two years back. I've realised that's not going to help me at all, so if I can at least get other people to comment (I'm far too ashamed to talk to friends or family, although they've all probably noticed already and don't want to prod my depression) I can at least know.


I was born with an intense cowlick in this area of my head too, so it's always acted up but there's not really any denying what's going on. Although, I think people here will have much more of an idea of what they're on about than I do.



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<a href=IMG_0296.jpg' alt='IMG_0296.jpg'>





Thanks in advance, this is really difficult for me.

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Are you sure the weight of your longer hair isn't showing your scalp. Looks great to me. Most have somewhat of a spot where the hair changes directions. Hit it with a touch of Toppik if it bothers you right now. Like the KO said don't stress about it.

Dr.Gabel 3972 FUT 11/3/14

Progress/Results Below ;)


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I agree. Check back in six months. I don't see any sure signs.

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