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Frontal fill-in; 2041 grafts, 1 session; Dr. Pawlinga

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This 36 y/o male came to Dr. Pawlinga for his first hair surgery in April of 2013 and recently visited us, and we took his photos a year later after one pass of 2041 FU's. His FU hair numbers were: 20% 1-hair grafts, 50% 2-hair grafts; 30% 3-hair grafts. He is considering a second session to increase the density even further.


Office Manager for Drs. Pawlinga and Beehner










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Result pictures could have been better, they're either close ups with the hairs pulled at a diagonal (to overlap and appear more dense) or far shots with hair combed to obscure the hairline/density. But for 2041 grafts I think this is pretty good.


Was the patient aware beforehand that this was not an ideal number of grafts for the surface area? I think he would have needed another 1000-2000 grafts to achieve a "full" look with the hairline.

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