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HELP!..shock loss or just a major seasonal shedding phase??

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Hi guys

im 25 years old and started thinning at around 21. Although there is no bald patch(yet) but my crown area has thinned and the scalp is visible. This has bugged me a lot and it is impossible for me to go out without using toppik. so I had a FUT procedure done here in India on 8th may from the same surgeon(Advance Hair Studio) who transplanted 3000 hairs(FUT) on my father's hairline. And the result is pretty impressive.

Now the surgeon transplanted 3000 hairs on my crown area. Like i said, my crown isnt totally bald and so the hair were transplanted between native hairs. so the surgeon had trimmed the native hair a bit. I didnt want him to shave it off even though I was aware of potential shockloss. the procedure went fine but after 1.5-2 months, Im losing lot of hair everyday. Wierd thing is that i have compared the pics taken before the procedure(after trimming the crown area) and 1 and 2 months post op and there doesnt seem to be much difference in the crown area. its pretty much the same. No or very little shockloss but the hair is falling off from all over the head. even in the area that wasnt touched during the surgery. i can see the scalp in the area right behind the hairline. and there were no sign of thinning in that area before the surgery. also, the hair is falling from the part where the hair is genetically resistant to DHT. Im scared to touch my hair now. I dont even wash it everyday since washing and combing will just make more hair fall out.

Ive also noticed that most hair that are falling out are thick and there is no sign of thinning. I went to meet the surgeon and he told me that this hairfall isnt related to the transplant since the recepient area and the donor area still look the same. He said that this is nothing to worry about and its probably just major hair shedding phase im going through but im still scared. im at a point where i dont care if the transplanted hair grow or not. I just want the native hair i lost back.

if you guys have any idea about this then please let me know what exactly im going through.

1. is this shockloss even though the hair is fallin out from the areas that werent touched during the procedure?

2. the hair falling out are (mostly) thick. ive noticed some thinning hair too but most of them are thick

3. is this temporary? will they grow back? I think MPB doesnt progress by hairfall but rather hair thinning so the hair should come back right? god i hope so.


I even recall that i had a similar major hair shedding event (also in july) about 2 years back but all the lost hair came back. but this time, i can see the scalp.


I know i shouldnt stress over it as stress can also cause hairloss but i cant help it. everytime i shower and look at the mirror i get a mini heart attack.


Im really worried


ive attached 3 pics. 1st is pre-op after trimming, 2nd is exaclty 1 month after the procedure and the 3rd is 2 months post op.

as i said,there is only slight shockloss(If any) in the recipient area.

The other area where the scalp is visible cant be seen in these pic although if you look carefully in the 3rd pic, you can see some scalp right behind the hairline area. but its clearly visible if youre looking at me from the front.


so if anyone knows about this or has been through something similar please comment. Im freaking out.






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In picture 2 the frontal hair is combed over whereas in picture 3 it is brushed forward. That is the only reason I can tell for 3 to look thinner than 2. Perhaps also the lighting and angle of the photo.


You should probably be on a DHT blocker if you aren't already (Propecia/Proscar/Finpecia) as you will undoubtedly lose more hair over time.

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Hi. Thanks for replying. Yeah in pic 2 the hair is combed over. I did that since the scalp was showing slightly which wasn't the case 3months back. There was absolutely no sign of thinning there and the hair density was normal. But as I said , I've been experiencing major hair fall and now the scalp is visible.

What I'm asking is could this shedding be unrelated to the FUT procedure and will the hair come back?

About propecia, i started a dose of .5mg every day and got sides within a week(ED, watery semen, less libido). I freaked out and stopped it at that very moment. This was about 7months back. I'm want to start again but I'm scared. Also since I'm already shedding, I don't want initial propecia shedding to compound to the problem. I'm not sure what I'm doing is right but I sure as hell

Don't want more hair falling out.

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