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3000 grafts- 23 yrs old

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Hi all,


I'm thinking of going ahead and getting 3000 grafts FUE transplant. I'm 23 years old and norwood 4. I am however on propecia which seems to have slowed/stop hair loss. would it be unwise to go ahead with the transplant at my age/ situation?



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You're walking on thin ice trying to get a HT at 23 as a NW4. In my opinion chances are high that even while on Fin you will progress to NW6-7 by around by around 40. If you try to completely reverse your hairloss, I feel you would be chasing your tail and likely end up with huge regrets... and a large bill.


If I were you, I would get my hair analyzed by a credible HT doc or derm to determine how much miniaturization you have. Then stay on Fin and check back with the same doc around 6 months from now. Then go from there. But whatever you do, if you end up getting work done, you should definitely do it with the anticipation of ending up NW6-7 in the near future (the not too unlikely worst case scenario). In other words, don't try to fill in your crown and focus more on framing your frame. Who knows, maybe your crown will stabilize and later on down the road you can fill that in.

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