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Post operative scarring with FUE

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A large part of the reason I have been resistant to strip techniques is the characteristic scarring that can occur after surgery.


In particular, I feared a scenario in which several years down the line the hair loss continued and I was unable to shave my head.


Is there a resource that shows long term pictures of FUE in patients who have shaved their heads? I have looked, but seem only to find pictures that are closer to post-operative in timing. Particularly, I have heard of a "pock marked" appearance that can manifest years later.


Appreciate your thoughts.

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FUE also leaves scarring as you've researched but the better clinics out there will space out the punches more over a wider area to make it less obvious and avoid over-harvesting.

You could ask the clinic(s) you are considering going with for some pics of past patients from years back or PM members here that have had fue some years ago.


I think SL the rep for Bisanga's clinic could be one person to at least inquire with.

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FUE harvesting I think also is beneficial to give a more even overall hair loss appearance. For those who are like me, the sides and backs are nice and thick and having FUE now has slightly thinned the whole area and in turn this has helped blend in the top to a more even look. Plus I like a #1 - #2 - #3 blade short back and sides hair cut, no scar no worries

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There is no perfect surgical procedure that will allow you to totally avoid any scarring. FUE will allow you to wear it shorter in the donor area, but you would see some evidence of the procedure if you totally shaved the donor area. If you undergo even a minor FUE procedure, there are changes that will occur with each small incision. When you cut skin tissue, you have to contend with changes in skin pigmentation. The hair affects the appearance of the skin to a certain degree, so removing it can change its overall appearance. We also calculate what we extract during the FUE process to ensure a proper distribution of the extractions. An evenly harvested donor area improves the patient's appearance in the donor area.


Now, in our practice, we offer a preparation method of FUE called FIT donor restocking. Basically, it involves replacing the donor scalp hair with other available hair. It is a way to minimize the appearance of FUE extractions and the loss of density while improving the aesthetic quality of results in the donor area.


Here is an example of what you can expect to see of a shaved FUE donor:



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