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  1. yeah man... Mornings • Minoxidle 5% foam • chinese supplement (for better blood flow) • 150mcg biotin supplement • drops if Iodine colloid • 10ml of Bio Silica Evenings • 1mg Finasteride (Thai brand Siam Firide) • 1ml of Minoxidil 5% oil Diet Walnuts Pumpkin seeds Apple Cider Vinegar mixed drinks pretty much zero dairy Shampoo & conditioner with Keratin 2-3 times a week and Nizoral 2% once a week Thats about it really I tend to buy in bulk to save cash
  2. i came back here to share my experiences not be dragged back into debates, for future reference please only ask questions that relate to my experience, or i just will delete my account i thought i had made myself clear,
  3. the whole point of a hair transplant is to improve the overall look, you take from the back and sides is because thats what remains and in those areas our better blood flow is better and perhaps less DHT, but i have always suspected you take those good hair and place them into a war zone area with DHT you are going to get infected with DHT, makes perfect sense, its only my opinion
  4. "they say" many things, but I suspect its complete bullshit, saying hair is immune to DHT because its taken from a zone and placed into another zone somehow magically makes them DHT resistant, nah i dont think so, never have and never will. For instance, why is the crown known as the black hole of hair transplants, this goes completely contradicts what "they say"
  5. some areas like the crown have reduced where other areas have remained pretty much the same, everyone is different and everyone has a different method for maintaining their best look, for me i notice hair loss when I tend to forget taking minoxidol and get lazy, then after a month or so it grows back again, there is not real answer
  6. new short hair cut today, no toppix just butter hand cream for the wet look #2 blend on back and sides
  7. thanks dude, I think the results are pretty good too, I had to let the cat out of the bag and fess up couple of years ago to my closest friends who started seeing a massive difference in my appearence, all of them admitted feeling bad for that nasty banter with the typical bald jokes and all of them were well impressed and "hats off too you mate for doing something about it" a few of them even said, they would have tried talking me out of it, anyway thanks for the kind words, i'll try and hang around this site for a while, I just get worried that I will get dragged back down by trolling and FUT v FUE debates, if that happens i'll probably delete my account for good. Life is pretty good at the moment
  8. This is from start of my journey to post 3 year
  9. Hey Guys for those who remember me how are you and for those who I don’t, My name is Seth, its been many years since I took the HT journey and I wanted to share my story. To bring you up to speed, it has been 5 years since I first had 3000 grafts with Dr Bhatti then shortly after had another 1000 placed then 2 years later needed to fill more in the crown, during that i would say 90% of the implants have survived except for the crown, yes the black hole of hair transplants has happened. Sadly its just never been great but i did see Dr Bhatti in Melbourne last year and he said I have about 600 grafts left and about the same again with BHT so a total 1200 is still up my sleeve which I will use soon. I could write a long message about what i do to maintain my hair but I was reading over one of my threads with a detailed here https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/43840-4000-fue-virtually-zero-scarring-with-dr-bhatti/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-431223 and really nothing much as changed I still try and take Minoxidil 5% twice a day, 1mg finistred, good hair shampoos and dandruff scalp products, Anyway 5 years down the track i am glad I have had my HT, I suspect with 1 more procedure will give me a nice head of hair for a few more years. Worth the money thats for sure, any questions I’ll try to answer them in the near future. Attached are some very recent selfies, the crown is the issue but when I need it I add a little of concealer which works amazing with my transplant many kind regards Seth
  10. I'll try and get some pics done, as for my donor area. Honestly I have no idea how many grafts I have remaining, not many if any. Probably enough for 1 last effort to fill more of the crown but its a long long long journey, unsure if I can be bothered, looks good enough
  11. Sethticles

    From the album: Post op 3 years

  12. Sethticles

    Post op 3 years

    3 years what a journey
  13. Hey Guys, hope you are all well, I've been off this site for a while, now back to give a quick update, then probably disappear again, I got what I came here for and its been fun but these forums are just too nasty and judgemental for me and way too one sided towards FUT. Its been 3 years since I started this journey, been back and fourth with Dr Bhatti 3 times, I guess you could now say I'm at the finishing line. Overall I'm very happy with the result, I look back at the photos before and I really was in a bad head space, scared to go outside, always wearing a baseball cap, avoiding eye contact, sick of being the butt of everyone's joke. A lot as changed since then, people are now commenting on how much hair i have, to which I have told many people about my trips to India, a few people have said, if they had known they all would have tried to talk me out of it, but seeing the result they're shocked. Ive decided to be as up front with my transplants as possible, surprising how much people are understanding and encouraging once you break the ice about it. I come from Australia where we give our best mates shit and we're kind of nice to the people we don't like, so its just easier to admit to having a transplant than try and bullshit your way out of a situation. Things I'd do again. I would focus more on my hairline, at the time Dr Bhatti was copping a lot of flack for his hair lines and I am afraid I fall into that category. Ive said a few times I wanted "U" shape but got "V" shape, so take my advice if you are getting a transplant stick to gut instincts, I'm not one for agreeing with the logic of frowning and following the forehead crease frown marks, its silly in my opinion. Whats not perfect? Crown is still about 80% satisfactory, I grow it longer now so I can comb over the blank spaces, its been 12 months since adding to my crown, a possible 6 months left of more growth, but I'm not counting on it. I don't use toppik I find that after a day I really need to wash it out and if I don't it pulls off existing hairs. Risks!! During my 2nd HT, one of the techs was cleaning up some blood and I think she over did it and smeared across not dabbed the left upper side, the pain was so intense, anyway there's permanent damage & hair loss, its hard to see in any photos and in fact hard to see full stop, i have to point it out to people, when I can get some better photos taken you should be able to see what I am talking about, basically there are risks involved and no one is perfect. Shave down or not before HT. I recommend you shave get it all off on the day of the transplant. I found when I didn't I get scalp infections during the post 2-4 week phase. Hairstyle!! The big bonus for FUE is the freedom to shave you head if all else fails. The even bigger bonus is being able to get your hair cut #1 #2 on the sides like so many people do these days and not worry. Retro hairstyles are everywhere these days, FUE allows this. Meds!! Yes I am taking 1mg fine, 5% minoxidol, Biotin & Folic Acid 5mg, Fusion Hair tonic capsules with Phytofol everyday, I wash my hair with Nizoral with ketoconazole 2% once a week, I use Advangan 3 minute conditioner twice a week, baby shampoo twice a week, and I try to exercise 4 times a week. I eat alot of pumpkin seeds too. Praises!! Of course praises go out to Dr Bhatti and his lovely staff. I've often said he runs a tight ship, but after 3 trips including 1 earthquake each trip was exactly the same, I highly recommend him and his team at Darling Buds in Chandigarh. If you book with him you will not regret it. Getting to Chandigarh is tiring and a long journey from Delhi, book the car, or fly domestic both have the problems both get you there. Attached is before & now, I've tried to get the same angle, I'll be hanging around for a few more days but after that I wont be back for a while. anyway take care Seth,
  14. Hi Dragonfly, Ive re-read my message on this thread, and it doesn't read how I wanted it to sound. so i just wanted to apoligise for adding fuel to the flame, glad to see Dr Bhatti is now doing the best he can to solve the problem. I can only compare my own experiences with my 3 trips to Chandigarh and my own planning along the way, and if i could have done it all in one trip I would have, but I was very cautious about the risk and felt a long slow journey or 2 or 3 HTs would be safer option. thats kind of what I meant but assuming you thought otherwise was unfair and wrong. hope you are ok
  15. sorry to see such a poor a result, my only guess is that you subjected yourself too much trauma with having two large sessions within 24hours of each other. I'm guessing you thought, that traveling a long way to then wait a year or more to go back and repeat the same and then wait another long year for the final result was just too much time and money, why better way than to fast track and get it all done in one hit. ive seen many others get mega sessions why not me. I also noticed you were NW6 almost NW7, i think 4000 was never going to get the result you wanted and 2 FUT mega sessions were your only real choice for a good result, saying that i think your poor result is due to the two sessions within 24hours
  16. I wouldn't bother doing the "NO SHAVE" thing regardless of how many grafts you are getting, whether it be 700 or 4000, besides cutting your hair to look like 12 year old school boy with bowl cut from the 1930s, you subject your hair to a 14day period of gently splashing mineral water on it, thus your hair and scalp look worse than if you just shaved it. My personal experience is that I got a very nasty scalp infection and bad case of dandruff, something that has never happened before. I ended up carefully shaving off the rest around day 20. The No shave thing is just a sales pitch to compete with FUT transplants & nothing else. What people are unaware of is that by the time 14days is up, the overall hairs have grown enough to look quite presentable, during this 14day period you really should be avoiding contact with people, the outdoors anyway, so if you are thinking of the no shave, take my advice don't bother.
  17. of course.... but to be perfectly honest I did have one really infected pimple, causing a repeated ingrown hair or a few hairs, i plucked several hairs to release the pain, to which nothing has grown back. thus debuncting my virtually zero scarring.... oooo the plot thickens
  18. 4.5 months and all is going extremely.... my right side hair line now is identical to the left, and um even my crown is filling in, i'll try and get some pics of the crown soon its just hard to a decent shot by doing it yourself. none the less massive improvement since last month... im even kind of shocked... daily use of Biotin & Fin 1mg and foam in the morning oinment at night,
  19. ah thats a real shame...... fingers crossed something happens to fast track your plans. The redness for me only last 3 weeks, so its just a minor gamble one that most people dont ever really look at, but you'll probably need at least 14 days away from the office
  20. I think you're kidding yourself if you think you've had 90-100% survival rate on 3900 grafts. However Jon's right, you look like you plenty of grafts left in the bank, you've already had strip, why not do it again. all the best ez-goer
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