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Long time reader, first time poster. I'm in my early 30s and have been had a relatively stable genetically receding hairline for over 15 years. However, I started noticing more hair in the drain over the past year and started on finasteride, which I've been taking almost 9 months now. I noticed a decrease in the hair in the shower but I would really like to restore my hairline. I haven't brushed my hair back since I was in high school and would really like to start looking into options.


As many people in the forum, I'm on a budget. So I was looking at maybe going to Bhatti in India or Maral in Turkey. I definitely want FUE and no strip. I also think I might have too high of expectations of having a good full hairline, so I wanted to get your opinions.


The other issue is getting time off from work. I can probably get a month to 6 weeks. I'm aware of some of the recommended surgeons doing the procedure without shaving, but does anyone know if either of these surgeons do this as well? If not, I can just bite the bullet, but I'm in healthcare and work with patients quite a bit.


Also, I'm certainly not committed to either of these surgeons and am wide open to suggestions.




PS if you have surgeon suggestions and know their approx price, that would be appreciated.




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You can look at my profile for my procedure with Dr. Gabel, I am very happy with his work thusfar, and await the results. I have a similar recession to yours and went FUE for a 2102 graphs hairline procedure. It looks like your hair is long, so you may be able to cover it up after the procedure. I am having some after procedure challenges trying to cover up the frontal hairline, but am making it work with a hat prescribed by my doc for 2 months. And I have changed my hairstyle to comb forward also. I do wish I had grown it as long as possible to really cover up the frontal portion, but the back would have been shaved either way for FUE. Which by 4 weeks is grown out already, you can see my pics.


Hope this helps you, for prices you can message me.

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Good that you are on finasteride. A month to 6 weeks is a fantastic amount of time to take off but with FUE I think you could get away with half that.


If I were in your position I'd probably go to Koray Erdogan in Turkey. I think his rate is about EUR2.5 per graft and you probably need about 2000. So that comes to $6,800.

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