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  1. It is interesting though, of the 5 surgeons I initially consulted, Erdogan quoted almost double the grafts (similar to the OP). When I first read this thread I went back and looked at each of the other surgeons results. Their patient's hairlines were just as dense appearing as Erdogans patients. Not saying anything about any particular surgeons, but it is a curious observation.
  2. Ahhh, so it was only the scabs that got infected and not all the scabbed area that the hair might not grow?
  3. Interesting. I had a small area like this (.75 cm) on my hairline. I sent a photo to my surgeon who told me not to worry about it. I'm only 1 month out. I wonder if this will be a patch where hair won't grow. It was hard to tell if it was a heavy scab or small blood blister. Now I'm worried that any hair transplanted in this area won't grow. Did you doc say any areas like this represent areas that will not grow?
  4. I keep meaning to, just busy lately. Hopefully within the next few weeks!
  5. Nice results so far! I had my surgery by him almost exactly a month ago. It's a bit early for a full shed but everyone goes at a different pace.I started losing at a faster rate about week 2. As a side note, your hair seems to be growing pretty fast for just a little over a week.
  6. I felt the exact same way. They had an explanation about Turkish credit card fees being extremely high, though it appears none of the other Turkish clinics have this issue. It did raise red flags but he appeared to have very impressive results so it was a red flag I was willing to overlook.
  7. They wouldn't accept anything other than cash and the clinic was fairly strict about this. I ended up having some of the money wired (maxes out at 3000 USD) and then withdrew my daily ATM limit each day. Lots of headaches and fees and banks giving contradictory information. I literally didn't get to rest or explore after the procedures because I was going from bank to bank trying to see if I had any other options. VERY frustrating experience.
  8. Erdogan's clinic is definitely cash only. I had a horrible experience trying to get cash while i was over there because my bank gave me bad information about being able to withdraw from their partner bank in Turkey. My trip would have been so much better if the clinic accepted credit cards. I would have gladly paid a fee.
  9. I have my surgery scheduled in this month with Dr. Erdogan. I noticed some of his hairlines are more straight, some more rounded and a few with more of a v-shape (widows peak). For those of you who have had surgery by him, does he draw the hairline based off your face shape or does he ask what kind of hairline you want? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the advice and comments. I have decided on Erdogan. I believe he mentioned his techs do the extractions. I didn't ask who creates the recipient sites? Does this vary for each patient with him? Should I ask if he will do the extractions himself?
  11. Hmmmm, interesting. I just read your story and I'm very sorry to hear of your outcome. If the doctor doesn't normally do the extractions and the techs do, then I would be a little nervous about trying to talk him into it. Since the techs are doing it all day every day, they might have more experience with actual extractions than the doctor, no?
  12. I'm close to a norwood 2-3 and have consulted with several doctors and decided on Erdogan. I really liked Feriduni's work also but he quoted approx 1500 grafts while Erdogan quoted approx 3000. I definitely want a fuller density in the hairline, which is the primary reason I ended up going to Erdogan. However, does the quoted graft number typically change significantly once you see the surgeon? On the consultation Feriduni's response said that any additional grafts over the quote would be 3 euros/graft. If I convinced him to do 3000 grafts, it would be 2-4 thousand euros higher than Erdogans. From the photos and stories I've seen on here, it seems like they do comparable and quality hairline work. Any differing opinions on this? I've got several weeks off to travel after the surgery (of course if I'm feeling up for it) and was also considering Belgium being a personally preferable place to visit over Turkey. Is it worth pushing for higher graft count with Feriduni or should I just quit overthinking this and go with Erdogan.
  13. Ha, the beanie idea is not a bad one. I could move it back a few months for the fall since I commonly wear a beanie anyway. I'm a norwood 3 and will be lowering my hairline. The surgeon shaves the recipient area so it would be shaved. My audience would be clients at work.
  14. What all have been done successfully to hide the transplant while in the ugly duckling phase or even immediately post op? I know you aren't supposed to wear anything tight fitting but for how long? When can you start wearing a hat?