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Re-positioning of non-firing grafts and results (FUE)

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Hello out there.


I had a crown job done in Turkey and after a year and 9 days, I have quite a few non-firing grafts at crown-center and the left side of the crown. They say that they can produce a better result if I come down again and get the non-firing grafts repositioned in combination with using PRP on them, but I've also heard that repositioning produces sub-par results and even less follicles will be inclined to fire. I find it hard to get an objective opinion because the people that I have written with so far all have a professional interest in my wallet, so can anyone objectively enlighten me on what I can expect from a repositioning with PRP?





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Update: I had a 2nd session done at Dr. Hakan Doganays clinic on the 12th of august. 2045 grafts done with PRP.


One of his assistants did all of the extraction and Dr. Doganay only did the center area of the crown himself. I must say, that I was expecting Dr. Doganay himself to perform the whole procedure from beginning to end.


Hoping for complete satisfaction now.

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