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  1. Albert7: Sorry to hear about your experience. Scar? Does not sound like FUE. Hair did not re-grow a few months afterwards? Who did the surgery?
  2. Update: I had a 2nd session done at Dr. Hakan Doganays clinic on the 12th of august. 2045 grafts done with PRP. One of his assistants did all of the extraction and Dr. Doganay only did the center area of the crown himself. I must say, that I was expecting Dr. Doganay himself to perform the whole procedure from beginning to end. Hoping for complete satisfaction now.
  3. Hello all, hope you are well these days My question is simple: How much havoc can I expect DHT to wreak on transplanted follicles? Some say that DHT doesn't affect transplated follicles at all, but I do not see the logic in this as transplanted follicles are also in contact with the blood of the owner just as the original native follicles were and thus should also get into contact with DHT. If it's really true that they are unaffected, why do transplanted follicles thrive and produce when the original ones in the same area died out? If they are affected, how much loss in percent can I expect from the impact of DHT on transplanted follicles? Thx.
  4. Hello out there. I had a crown job done in Turkey and after a year and 9 days, I have quite a few non-firing grafts at crown-center and the left side of the crown. They say that they can produce a better result if I come down again and get the non-firing grafts repositioned in combination with using PRP on them, but I've also heard that repositioning produces sub-par results and even less follicles will be inclined to fire. I find it hard to get an objective opinion because the people that I have written with so far all have a professional interest in my wallet, so can anyone objectively enlighten me on what I can expect from a repositioning with PRP? Thx FK
  5. I don't know if they got it amateurishly wrong necessarily. Results vary greatly depending on the subjects biochemistry and the area transplanted to. I also heard that crown jobs are by far the toughest to really get growing.
  6. I just had the doctors review the posted pictures and they want me to come down for a correction involving re-positioning of still non-firing grafts and perhaps using Plasma Replacement Therapy to boost them into action and perhaps also transplant some more from the donor area to the problem area. Does anybody know anything about what to expect result-wise from repositioning and using PRT? Thx.
  7. I don't, sorry. I kept it short because I wanted a clear view on the density of the new growth down at the root level.
  8. Hi Guys, Thx for the interest I just passed the full-year mark three days ago. Took these picks today: Still think it's pretty sparse for 2750 grafts. The two pics on the right were taken more from above and the two on the left more from further down the back. 8 px camera was used. Opinions?
  9. I would rather keep it short to see how much yield I get actually get on the root level. I would like to grow it long again, but it depends on the yield after a full year.
  10. Hello Dr. Charles, Hope you are well, I had FUE done (2750 grafts) to the crown 7 months and 10 days ago and would like confirmation on something, if you can: Is it true, that when a transplanted follicle produces hair for the first time, it only produces one strand and when that strand falls out one day, the follicle will then start growing between 1 and 4 strands afterwards? If yes, it could actually take quite a while before the resulting density of a job reveals itself, correct? I seem to have a lot of transparent and thin hairstands on the crown and this makes it somewhat hard to see any early indication of what I might expect as the final result. Is that normal? Considering the length of post-op time that have passed now, I am getting a bit nervous even though I have also heard, that crown jobs a notorious slow growers. Thank you.
  11. I just did a thread on my result after 6 months here: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/173415-six-month-mark-passed-beautytravels24-com-crownjob.html#post2375701 Hope it's gonna get better!