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Dr. Shelly Friedman re-designs a hispanic hair line

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Dr. Friedman places 1,730 grafts in the hair line and temporal area. The patient wanted his hair line lowered and to help with the receding temples. The patient also likes to wear his hair short and wanted to keep a shaved hair cut. By Dr. Friedman using custom made blades we were able to achieve a very natural dense looking hair line. We also were able to conceal where the patient had his grafts taken out in the donor region. Patient is very happy with his results.











Patient Consultant for Dr. Shelly Friedman


Dr. Shelly Friedman is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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Overall for 1730 grafts looks nice and natural, but I'm curious what his hair looked like preop. Did he any have more native hair in the frontal region than what's shown immediate post op? The work on the temple points turned out really well. It's interesting that the left and right temple corners were designed so differently (pic 1 vs 3), yet when they grew in the difference is insigificant.

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