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Hi Pete68. Another option to consider if you are willing to travel - is the Seager Center in Toronto. I had 2 HT by Dr. Simmons from the Center and the results for both were "fantastic!!!"


I understand that my web site cannot be entered here due to problems with past abuse with other posters. I heartily endorse whatever steps are necessary to support and encourage the integrity of this forum and site. If you would like see pcitures of the work done on me, you can e-mail me at "olsenglrnhm@rogers.com".


All the best with your research and choice. icon_smile.gif

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I don't know who the best HT doc in Chicago is, but I do have an opinion on who are possibly the WORST.


Avoid like the plague, the clinic in Rosemont Illinois known as "PHTI" (physicians hair transplant institute). This clinic was formerly doing business as "Cleveland Hair Clinic". When I say to avoid them like the plague, I'm not really exagerating. This clinic did a liposuction surgery on a woman who then developed necrotizing fascitis ("flesh eating disease").



I would also avoid like the plague any doctors who work for Cleveland Hair Clinic, or who ever worked for Cleveland Hair Clinic in the past: Dr. Puig, Dr. McVaugh, Dr. Panine, etc, etc. (Cleveland Hair Clinic was a big 'hair mill' franchise with clinics in several cities... none in Cleveland though.) In my opinion Cleveland Hair Clinic permanently damaged a lot of guys with low-quality hair transplants over the years and should have been shut down years ago. I don't think there are any actual HT doctors still doing business under the name "Cleveland Hair Clinic", but most of those clowns are still working in the profession at other clinics. Beware!

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