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Frontal fill-in with one pass of 1559 FU's in 24 y/o; Dr. Beehner

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This 24 y/o presented with the complaint of a high frontal hairline and increasingly worse fronto-temporal recessions. On examination of his midscalp and vertex, there was no miniaturization at this time. He had a single session of 1559 FU grafts, equal to 3118, hairs, that were dense-packed into the recessions and along the front hairline. His FU grafts were composed of 30% 1-hair grafts, 50% 2-hair grafts, and 20% 3-hair grafts. He had coarse hair which contributed to this type of result after only one pass.

Mike Beehner, M.D.












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Great pictures, and I think the result is pretty decent for the amount of grafts... but I think the outcome is ultimately underwhelming.


The transplanted area is too big for only 1559 grafts. His left side temple looks about par for what I would expect for this amount of grafts, but his right seems notcieably less dense. The very front of the hairline looks pretty good at a glance, but that's because he had a lot of existing hair there and the hairline wasn't lowered much in front.


Overall I would call the transplanted density "low" and don't quite understand why the term "dense packing" was used to describe this case. I hope the patient and doctor both understood this was only enough grafts for a low density look. I personally would have wanted more grafts.

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Am I missing something? I am floored this doctor would want to highlight this result. To me, this would be a totally unacceptable result. The hairline looks fake. the density is bad, the hairs too coarse at hairline, and the hairline is too straight and unnatural looking.


It's results like this that make me petrified to have a transplant. In this case, the doctor and some posters actually think this looks good....that's the scariest part.


Btw... Isn't the point of dense packing not to need a second 'pass'?


(No insult intended to patient, I'm sure a better doctor can fix/fill in the hairline with another procedure)

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the doctor and some posters actually think this looks good....that's the scariest part.


It's hard to say just how bad the result is for 1559 grafts, but based on the drawn hairline area (pic 3 of 10) this guy should have ideally needed around 3000 grafts. As a final result, this is definitely bad. For 1559 grafts, it might be decent.. but of course I find it hard to believe the patient was going for this low density look.

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