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Hair transplant day 3 coconut oil ?

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only if your doctor recommends it, stick with the post-op instructions

coconut oil is good for dry skin in the recipient area but I think best not to use it this early on

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I think day 4 is still early. I waited until around days 8 -10 and it worked wonders for ridding of the crusts.

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You shouldn't use anything on your scalp at 4 days post unless it has some sort of antibiotic properties to it because at this stage the incisions are still healing. Coconut oil is medically clean and not to be used on wounds so God knows what you can get into the incisions. It is fine a week or more out to help get remaining scabs off but it is no better then vitamin E oil or any other oil for that matter. Consult your doctor for the final word on this.

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