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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 5 years
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. AHD Clinic results after 2 years roughly 1800 grafts and 500 beard for the crown area ?
  2. Also should I wash hair before or wait till next day to wash as my scalp can get very dry
  3. Hi all is it safe to use dermaroller with minoxidil 1month post op was instructed to use by doctor if so how often should I use it and has anyone else had any good result using this tool.
  4. Hi guys can i start spraying olive oil on scalp to help keep it moist 11 days post op 3200 fue?
  5. Quick question Avodart or Propecia for male pattern baldness? Also where can i get Avodart uk?
  6. I would also like to have some info on this im taking propecia but if theres a better alternative im in? Also where can i get advodart from the uk?
  7. Surgery was booked on the Monday but I and my partner arrived on the Saturday so we could chill out before op. We got picked up from airport and taken to hotel they made sure we had some food for the night and arranged to pick us up Monday at 8.30 am, blue garden hotel. Picked up on Monday and was taken to our hospital room (very clean and new) were we waited for about 10 mins, went down to the ground floor to meet Dr Hakan I was told I didn’t have enough donor hairs for 4500 grafts was a bit gutted at this point Dr Hakan explained to me I didn’t have to have the surgery and the rest of our stayed would be all paid for. I asked what’s the max I could get he estimated about 3000 that’s without any beard hair so I explained I will go for it and for him to use the beard hair if needed. My head was already shaved down to a 3 on top and 2 back and sides but this didn’t matter the they shaved me all over to a 1 and the donor area a zero, I know I looked strange because my girlfriend kept laughing. Surgery started about 9.30am ish and they went straight to work there was about 6 nurses in the room and Dr Hakan would come in now and again I felt this was at the important parts implanting / hair line / beard etc. There was a lot going on I must say the most uncomfortable part was lying face down for such a long period as I suffer from back pain. The operation was all finished about 8pm with no breaks I was very worn out but I am glad it was done this way I didn’t want to go through it all again and now I could just relax. They kept us in the hospital that night and brought up some drinks and snacks but I also sent my girlfriend down to get a meal down the cafe didn’t like the hospital meal that was delivered. They also gave me some pain killers, the next day went down to remove bandage and have wash, was given loads of lotions and tablets and they checked I was satisfied with operation. We was taken back to our hotel our flight was going out on Wednesday afternoon. I stayed in the room with the air con on and rubbing cold coke cans on my head watching movies for 2 days we kept ordering room service this was ideal for me as I didn’t want to be seen and didn’t like wearing my hat because it made me sweat loads, plus it was also way to hot out. The next day I washed my hair very gently as instructed but I couldn’t get the cream out and started freaking out thinking this would cause problems with my scalp and it looked like loads of follicle’s were coming out so I rang the doctor and they came straight out to the hotel there was nothing wrong it’s were the cream started to dry up on my head even Dr Hakan came out which I was very surprised about they reassured me everything was ok and sat with me for a bit this would never happen in Harley street they would just say you have to book an appointment. So we got picked up from the hotel on Wednesday evening and dropped to the airport if you’re wearing a hat make sure it’s of at customs I had mine on and the security guard decided to just rip it off my head luckily he didn’t do any damage but it’s not worth the risk no one takes any notice anyway there to busy trying to get through its complete chaos once through security we had a little look around the shops and found some quiet and cool to sit while waiting for plane. On the plane we had the extra leg room seats which is definitely worth it plus there only 2 seats so don’t have to worry about someone being next to you. The whole experience was good a bit scary at times when I was working around with 9000 euros in my bag. I would defiantly go back if I needed more later maybe use some body hair. Plus I saved some money on the beard hair something like 100 euros happy days.
  8. Hi all when i had my operation in turkey with Dr Hakan who im really pleased with i only had 2700 available from donor area and 500 from beard, but 2 months before i went to the private clinic in harley street which i paid ?100 for i was told i had 7000? Did i really loose that much from the donor area in 2 months? Not saying Dr Hakan wasnt correct they clearly didnt want my donor area to be to thin.
  9. Depends how long you normally have your hair and where your having the grafts most surgeons require you to have a buzz cut and by week 1 you will still have lots of scabs plus your donor area will be cut to a zero making it stand out, most of the healing is done by week 2 then you can get a buzz cut all over. If your that concerned about work mates knowing try to get 2 weeks off? My pics after week 1 hope this helps
  10. I got to leave the cream on scalp for 30 to 45 mins then wash of with the shampoo provided 2 to 3 times a day. Gentle rinse and slight tapping the recipient area. Just cant wait till the scabs area gone so i do not look like a freak when i go out. Taking 1 Propecia 3 months Iron and Vitamin c Zinc Biotin starting regain when its safe to
  11. Just send another email asking if the flight ticket would be enough.