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+/- 2600 Grafts left – Is it safe to use a further +/- 300 for the temporal peeks?

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Would welcome advise on the following please;



I have used just under 3600 grafts to date to the frontal zone 1, 2 and I have around 2600 (FUE) grafts available (not including strip which is not my preference at this time) although I’m really pleased with the results I would really like to use a further 300 grafts to build the temporal peaks. My frontal bone of the cranium protrudes out and this would be hidden by furthering the temporal peeks.


I am 42 years old and my crown would have been lost if it was not for the meds which is maintaining it in a fair order. A link to my journey with pics is below.



Do you think it would be risky to use a further 300 precious grafts in the temporal peaksmindful of potential future loss?





Hair Restoration Journal for Cowhorns - Before Surgery HT 2

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Ive used around 3600 grafts to date not 3800 as previously stated,
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I don't think that 300 is going to make a big difference either way. I don't think you need it (without seeing the HT3 results) but, I really do not think that number will have a big impact in your overall result behind the hairline, so, if it will make you happy, I do not see a problem with using such few grafts for a tune up.

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P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Thanks Spanker, and that reminds me I do need to put up the results from HT3.



The words tune up are a good summary as that is exactly what it is, I dont need it but it would just help hide what I can only describe as indentations where my prominent forehead sticks out lol.

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I would definitely at least wait until the results had grown in


beefing up temple points (not to be confused with temple corners) only requires a few hundred grafts as you mention, but making the temple points stronger could actually make your hairline height or any thinness in your hairline stand out more. it's all about balance and the current result will have to be taken into consideration for just the right balance

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