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Recent Bosley HT - Please Be Careful

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No Animosity, Just The Facts (Scar Repair Underway)


Here is my HT experience to date. I began experiencing hair loss at the age of 21 in college and it slowly started reducing my self -confidence.After looking at the day to day solutions for hair loss (Rogaine , Propecia). I decided on using my life saving ($5000) to acquire a "permanent" fix through Bosley in Los Angeles. During the consultation, i was told of a special deal for me - reducing graft prices down to only $4 per graft.


At the time, I was unaware & uninformed of an FUE method to harvest grafts. They personally promised a "pencil thin" scar when its all done and good results from the high number of grafts.

- 1st Procedure (FUT) - $5,000+ for 1,100 grafts to Frontal

Physician - Dr S....

Prescribed- (Minoxidil 5% afterwards)

Consulted at regular intervals.

Results: Manageable strip scar but very low yield which Bosley acknowledged 1 year post op. Shock Loss to Frontal Area


- Bosley consultant and surgeon decided to return 600 grafts only if i go ahead with a 2nd procedure (however, they had an 800 graft minimum)


2nd Procedure (FUT) - 1,150 grafts taken (~550 purchased + 600 extra from previous procedure due to very low yield).

Only ~900 grafts were taken and the difference was refunded back.

Physician - Dr S

Prescribed- (Finasteride afterwards which resulted in side effects) + Bosley Branded Laser Comb to enhance growth($500 value charged to Care Credit).


Result: Prescribed Finasteride resulted in side effects which i reported to Bosley (Discontinued use after 2 weeks)


Horrible Strip scar (3+ mm wide) with shock loss to frontal area.


At 3+ post visits to address the large strip scar -

I was given "Bosley brand hair fiber concealer and asked to wait - saying "The hair grows back in the strip scar"


I arrived at my 4th appointment to address the wide strip scar - only to find out my physician (Dr S) was on vacation. Another Bosley physician looked at my scar and advised me to wait since i was not his patient.



Bosley recently established communication with me after i began looking into repair and legal sources to reclaim cost for repair.



To anyone seriously considering a hair transplant, do proper research and seek out very reputable physicians. Special deals & quantity does not equal quality.


They still utilize one-size-fit-all method, even though patients come from different racial backgrounds and possesses distinct hair textures that can make or break a procedure.


Please side on caution - though Hair loss is unfortunate, an added strip scar with shock loss is demoralizing. It is a long road back to normal.


Current photos on request.

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Most readers of this forum (and all the long term members) know that Bosley represents the lowest common denominator in hair transplantation. Pretty much as bad as it gets.


I wish you luck in your legal pursuits, you are facing a very uphill struggle, this entire industry is locked up tighter than a frogs ass. You might wish to review every document you signed prior to your surgery. There are extremely few cases to date of successful lawsuits against botched surgeries, unless the results cause necrosis or a similar level of disfigurement (and there are two cases I know of pending, neither yet resolved, the outcomes still in doubt).

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In a way im glad they only done smaller sessions. It would be even worse if they took 2 or 3 thou grafts.

Hopefully you can get to a reputable hair surgeon for your next HT.

Im sure pretty much any decent surgeon will do scar revision for you. They still seem expensive even when doing one of there "Deals"

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Hopefully if you choose a recommended surgeon next time you can get this totally sorted.

Like i said - small mercys they have not wasted too many grafts.

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