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  1. Sanjar, how has your repair been going? At what stage in the process are you right now?
  2. Once again, the butcher walks away scot free. Young guys need to realize it is still the Wild West out there, and just because someone has Dr. in front of their name does not mean you can trust that person. Like it or not, this business is populated by some very shady people.
  3. If they did a poor job the first time, why trust them again to repair it to your satisfaction? It’s time to cut your losses. Don’t throw good money after bad. You have a finite amount of resources to harvest and you are squandering those visiting this clinic.
  4. What kind of house of horrors is this place? Why did they use a drill to make holes in your scalp that are unrelated to your surgery? I'm really sorry to hear about your result, and sincerely hope there is no hydrocephalus, you have to DOCUMENT everything, get clear pictures, doctor statements, etc., you can sue this clinic but I don't know if this is viable in Turkey or not, and if you have a chance to recoup damages. I think it is a shame this forum does not have a STICKY to warn prospective clients to STAY AWAY from horror shows like this clinic.
  5. Did this guy ever post his results? It would seem he did at one time but I don't see them now, nor remember if he did. All I see is a picture of him right after his surgery, which does not look like it's gonna lead to a favorable result.
  6. It's not worse than the era of plugs, not even close. No need for hyperbole, because back in the plug/minigraft era, you often had no options for repair. Today you have multiple options for repair.
  7. It sounds to me as though you are one of those people who will never be happy with their hair. You had 1000 grafts into a very dense and thick head of hair, probably unnecessary to begin with, and now you are obsessing over your result. I think no matter what you do, you won't be happy and will continue to obsess over your hair. Your hair looks fine. Go live your life.
  8. So you think looking at his pictures that he is going to be happy with the density he'll get from the number of grafts he received? You might, but I sure don't. Friedman I'd suggest you spend some time looking at FUE results on this forum, and look at the immediately post-op pictures. Notice what those patients looked like in relation to the pictures you posted. Another pass is going to be necessary, but getting it done on the cheap the next time will mean you'll have limited options and very limited scalp donor, and using non scalp sources is very expensive and not nearly as reliable. You' always spend more on repairs, and your results are usually never as good as doing it right the first time. Some people have good success at the cheaper clinics in Turkey, and even India, and your risks are far lower than what you took in Georgia. Save your money, do your research, and get it right the next time, and you'll be a happy camper.
  9. Thanks for your reply Bill. Honestly, I have not figured out all the bells and whistles on the new forum, it's very cool, and I'm sure there is a lot I can do to make my posts appear more noticeable. I just wanted something more visual that shows this thread is one I've posted in. Scanning thru the threads the star that shows does not stand out from the bullet points, at least to my eyes. Just wondering if it could be made larger, a different color, or something else that indicates I have posted in this thread. Something that is easy to see when looking at all the threads on the 1st page of each sub-forum. If not, no problem, i'll resort to other ways, do a little digging on all the newest features. Cheers.
  10. I sincerely wish you the best of luck, but your description of this clinic is really nothing but a wall of red flags. I wouldn't go within a hundred miles of this clinic. Did you not know anything about your doctor before you met him for the first time? Did he not have a body of work posted online that gave examples of his work? He sounds barely competent from your pre surgery consultation and I have to say maybe turning and walking out the way you came in would have been the better choice. Judging from your pictures I don't think you will end up with the density you're looking for. I certainly would advise going to this clinic for any more procedures. You only have so many grafts available. Thanks for posting and I'm hoping you're happy with the end result. Please keep us updated. Also, make sure when you get a second procedure from a qualified and experienced surgeon that you address the hairline first, that is always most important. Moving forward, research in choosing a qualified surgeon is critical to future success. Take time while you're waiting for your hair to grow to start your research, it can take months and involves a lot of back and forth with doctors via email/phone/Skype. This forum is a great asset in helping you choose.
  11. Can the forum change the color of the star indicator on threads that members have posted in? I always have trouble finding the star when scrolling thru the threads and if it was yellow versus the black indicators of threads I've not posted in it would be much easier to find. Thank you.
  12. I do believe it is appropriate to consider a partial refund. No one hits a grand slam on every at bat. That's life.
  13. Hope you are growing well, and you are suing those butchers in Colorado who put you through this.
  14. I agree, I liked Dr. Feller, he is an honest, straightforward poster on here and he won't BS you. While most now disagree with his viewpoint on FUE, he is still a valuable contributor to the forum and always interesting to read. I would hope they decide to resume posting again.
  15. What I like best is this tool does not transect the graft, if precision and successful graft removal was determined by surgeon experience, now the less experienced can effectively remove non scalp sources, and this opens up new possibilities for the donor challenged. Very innovative!