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FUT vs FUE, lifetime donor supply

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What is better for preserving more graphs for possible future hair transplant operations?


I've read that the strip method is better done first then perhaps the FUE method after for future hair transplants if necessary.


What technique safer/better in preserving the donor area if one was to want more hair transplants after the first one?

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I think some would say FUT is more effective at harvesting and using grafts but I personally don't think FUT has a fundamental advantage anymore. The difference in yield between FUT and FUE at the highest level is basically non existent.


As far as maximizing the absolute number of grafts you can harvest, you should get the same amount if you first harvested everything possible with FUE followed next by FUT, and vice versa.


I personally think it makes more sense to start out with FUE (with a top doc), and if you eventually exhaust all your FUE donor then and only then worry about FUT.


The only exception I suppose would be if you're looking to spend the least amount of money, refuse to travel, and don't care about the possibility of having a large scar on the back of your head... in which case, you're not serious enough and shouldn't even be getting a HT anyways IMO.

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