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Am i eligible for Hair Transplantation surgery?


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Hello Everyone,


I am loosing my hair from last 5 years. In early days my hair falls a lot but with passage of time it stops. Now i am facing certain hair baldness pattern (which ofcourse i am not able to recognize properly). Last year i tried minoxidil 5% with logihair (mouth medicine). But doesn't saw any considerable change. Yes, i am not sure but i feel hair got a little bulkiness. Now i am considering hair transplant surgery, but i don't know any good surgeon near my area and any expert who can give a genuine advice for my hairs. So i am here for a genuine help. Hope i will not get disappointed. Attaching some pictures of my hair line. Hope that will help. If you need more images of any specific angel let me know.


Thank you









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Fin?? Didnt get you



Thanks for your reply. Yes i am also looking forward for FUE only.



Finally i am thinking of going for ht with Dr. Bhatti. What i think that i am not able to get anyother better option than him. Hope i am right? Planning to get ht by 25th next month. Hope everything goes fine. He mentioned that it will take 2000 grafts for front temple and 500-600 grafts for crown. And said that my middle head is not eligible for ht as it is more than 50% dense.

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Thanks for your reply and views. Yes surely i will go for consultantation first with Dr. Bhatti and then only go for HT.



Thanks for your advice. Actually this medicine is also referred by other member here but i had not listened this medicine before. I will surely talk about it with Dr. Bhatti and will start taking it in future.

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