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FUE 3300 Grafts

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I had HT on April 17th in Istanbul. The surgeon was a friend of mine but I am not going to give the name. It has been two weeks now. I am worried about the donor area. I think there might be shock loss in the Donor area. Soreness and itching still continues. Can you please comment about how it looks? Below, three pictures are from Today and yesterday (May 1st). There is also another picture from April 18th.


PS. The first picture is one day after the surgery. The second picture worries me a lot because I don't think a 2 weeks old picture should look this way. The hair doesn't look full and it's still red.





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Too early to tell I think. The second pick looks a lot better than the first!. If you think the area is infected you should seek treatment, but if you are having some shockloss, it is not totally abnormal.


The hair won't look as full because you took 3300 from the back and sides and put them on top. Thats just how it works. It doesn't appear that he over harvested a particular area, so it should look better when the redness leaves and if you have shocked out any when that hair returns.

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Thank you for the answers. I don't think it has been infected. It just takes a lot of time to recover. The first pic is one day after the surgery and the 2-4th pics are 14 days after the surgery.


I know that it cannot look as full as before as they took out so much hair but I didn't think the hair would look so much less after two weeks of operation. I can feel that more hair is growing and it should eventually look normal. However, I am suspecting I lost so much hair in the donor area and some of it will be permanent.

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