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Could I please get an idea on hair transplant density?

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Say, if I was going to get 45 grafts/cm in my hairline, would it be detectable? Would it look visible at all? If so would it only be if the hair is pulled back and wearing fringes would completely hide the density?

I'm planning to transplant 45-50 grafts into my hairline and want to know if it's enough or I'd have to get a second procedure?

I honestly don't plan to pull my hair back, so if it's just a tiny bit thin looking at that density but completely hidden through fringes I could deal with it, tbh.

Thank you!

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given your styling desires then you probably will be fine at 50 grafts/cm


no matter the density you get, HT gives the ILLUSION of the same density as non balding areas


hair caliber per unit and diameter of shaft factor into this illusion as well


NOT just grafts/cm2


that said, trying to achieve higher densities than 40-50 grafts/cm2 will most likely yield a lower % of surviving grafts, aka wasted grafts.


so better idea to go for 2 HT each at 40 grafts/cm. this is the optimum way to prepare for HTs in general.


with "the second/third,etc. pass," it's the best chance of high grafts survival rate and an opportunity to adjust the design and areas that need more coverage.


better to go into the HT procedure knowing that you will need at least two to satisfy your cosmetic needs but might get lucky and only require one. it will also put you at ease to know that whatever isn't satisfactory to you from the first procedure, can always be adjusted in the second.


good luck

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It depends on the skill of the surgeon and their placement and the amount of coverage you need overall. Sometimes the density you are promised does not yield if carelessness and prolong exposure to grafts occur. Even inecperienced techs harvesting your grafts and putting them in can jeapordize it.


There are some surgeons who can nail high densities with success. You just have to search for them.


For example, If you look at Docs Lorenzo, Keser, Erdogan, the guys that kind of do it all themselves and take their time, then you can see their graft survival and dense outcomes.


Good luck.

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