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HDC cyprus or Dr Ferudini?


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Hey guys, I'm new here yet have been reading the forums for a few years and always found so much great advice here!


Ok so, I'm a 32 year old from the UK and I've been thinning at the front and temples for about 10 years with some loss at the crown too.


I've been on Propecia for about 7 years and this has kept the loss at bay pretty much although lately I am starting to loose more hair.


The next step is a transplant and after much research I have decided that I will go with either HDC or Dr Ferudini for a FUE procedure of around 2000 grafts I would imagine.


My question is really, will I be in safe hands with both?


I just wondered what peoples opinions are, I've seen great results from both clinics. I just want to be in the best possible hands!


I will be going to consultations soon with both clinics but I've already had ones via email.


I wear my hair forward and it falls flat but the fringe is now starting to look thin, especially from the side as the hair underneath it is vanishing!








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Were those pictures taken with a potato?


I haven't heard of HDC before, but considering Feriduni is one of the very best if not the best in the world for hairlines if I had to take a guess I'd say you're probably better off with Feriduni.

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Feriduni!! You look like you have a good hairline from what the potato shows!!

Check out a guys thread from Friday on here thanking dr Feriduni he's posted his 6 month hairline combed back wet, it looks amazing, but he too already had pretty decent hair pre op!!

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