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Failed graft - when can you tell?

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I'm afraid it is difficult to tell. If a grafts dislodges and bleeds from the incision site in the post-operative period, you can be fairly certain it is "lost" or "failed" and will not grow. Otherwise, it is hard to determine whether or not a single graft failed. In general, there will not be any type of scarring in the area where the graft failed to grow. What's more, if you had thousands of grafts placed, it is nearly impossible to thoroughly search and determine whether a small number didn't grow. Now, if a large portion of grafts did not grow, it is easier to to determine; however, it does not seem like this is your concern.

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I agree very hard to tell. That is why I like to take very good immediate post operative photos so we can look back and see if certain areas did not come out as well as others. No bleeding means no grafts dislodged. However a grafts might still not grow even if it did not appear to come out before healing.

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