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Concealer for the poor?

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I think recently I've found a simple way for concealing baldness. I noticed how my electric shaver, a rotary model, stores the shaven hair, which in my case, as I usually shave every two days, it's like a dust of hair. So I said This is toppik!


I don't like to use it, but as an old toppik user, I gave it a try a couple of times and worked ok for me. It's easily available for everyone, it's your own hair, etc. I found toppik to be effective but made me loss more hair as it irritated my scalp or something like it. I don't know how this works in that sense. Also probably it's more like a 'dermmatch' effect as it tends to drop down from hairs to the scalp level so I din't put a lot of it


What do you think? May be of use!


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I would not use it. What its missing among other things is the static charge that hair fibers have to bind to your hair.

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Yeah that's why it lies on your scalp and it conceals from there (like dermmatch does) so you need to use less for the natural look etc. Concealers like Toppik also lies on your scalp partially and achieve part of their effect from there (the other being at the level of the hair fiber). It worked ok for me for a light concealing without the irritation on the scalp and good match of color. Not for everybody... I don't know why I thought someone could find it usefull.



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Not a bad idea at all ...

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like previously mentioned, you wont have static charge to attach the fibers to existing hair. If you use fibers like Dushi fibers, not very expensive and doesn't irritate the scalp cause of its natural ingredients.

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