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Not a candidate?


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Hi all,


I'm new to this site, and I've seen others posts about the same issue, but each person is different.


I've seen only one doctor, Dr. Konior since he's about 2 miles from me, plus he's highly recommended. However I didn't get to see the doc himself, only his assistant. After my appointment, a few days later his assistant called me and said I'm not a good candidate. I'm looking for some other suggestions on doctors or clinics I can see just to get other opinions. I'm in the western burbs of Chicago, and although I respect Dr. Koniors opinion, I would rather seek all options and places possible before giving up.




I am JUST starling propecia for the very first time this week.


I'm 32 years old.


Thank you in advance for any help.

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Welcome! Dr. Konior is certainly aming the finest hair transplant surgeons in the world and I would trust his assessment. However, it's always a good idea to consult with more than one physician. You can click here for a complete list of all the hair transplant surgeons we recommend in Illinois.


Or consult our interactive map for a complete list worldwide.

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Hi Mikey,


Welcome to the forums!! I agree with David, Dr. Konior is one of the top guys in the industry, but researching multiple physicians is always a really good idea in all cases. Did Dr. Konior say why he didn't think you were a good candidate? I'd be curious to hear, as surely he thinks there's a reason for it. Being in Chicago, you are close to a lot of great surgeons on the East Coast…..so don't despair just yet. The list David provided will do you well to start your search….as it would be wise to choose your surgeon that is recommended by the forums for their outstanding credentials! Congrats on starting Propecia and for your decision to take the first step in fixing your hair loss. The community here is an awesome network for support….so don't hesitate to reach out to people along the way!


Again, welcome to the forums!





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Sorry about your issue. You may know that represent Dr. Konior on HTN. I would encourage you to seek counsel from other ethical physicians. It could be one of many reasons that you were told you are not a good candidate, like thinning in the donor region, DUPA, or even that your expectations did not fit what the clinic felt that they could do for you. Just because you were not a good candidate for his clinic now, does not mean that you won't be in the future and does not mean that you won't be for another clinic. However, I would stress that you need to consult only reputable surgeons that you find ethical. You will be able to find plenty of clinics to work on you, but that does not mean that it is in your best interest. Good luck.

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