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Thailand Dr Pong- Thaihairclinic ?


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Hi all,


anyone here has done hair-transplant with dr pong from thaihairclinic? I am from singapore and was thinking of doing hair transplant however it is too expensive to do it in singapore and decided that maybe thailand have better option in term of cost and of coz the quality.


I read thru the forum and understand that the one that have the most and best reviews is dr path however as i am still a student and unable to come out with large budget and i found that dr pong is the next best choice considering that his price is affordable for me.


Although the cost is a big issue for me but i don`t wan to because of that get a bad HT done so would like to see if any of you guys have any review abt dr pong?


Thanks a lot in advance.

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I have the same question about Dr. Pong and wanted to be considerate to the community before reposting identical threads.


Without question Dr. Path is reputable in Thailand, he's quite famous and many years of great examples of his work have been praised by the clients themselves. However Dr. Pong's is a phantom, ie; his name comes up here and there, only a handful of clients have ever praised his work (no evidence to prove its not the same person, highly dubious red flags in my book). Despite exhaustive searches, I haven't found any negative feedback about Dr. Pong either. You would think there'd be thousands of clients "wearing" his work, either with a positive or negative opinion. Where are they? I mean no disrespect and openly invite comments. Coincidentally, I will be in thailand soon anyways, but wanted to get all the facts first.


PS: Hi I'm new to the community so a little about me. This may be my first post, but I've utilised this site for years researching my situation as it progressed. I've tried years of propecia, rogaine, caffeinated shampoos, herbs, all to no avail. Got excited about hair cloning research 5 years ago (it was just around the corner then, and its still "just" around the corner now).


I have no time to wait on urban myths and I'm tired of girls doing the "quick peak" at my balding temple. (quick peak = its like the girl version of a guy who quickly checks out a girl's cleavage, except in this case its his balding haircut).


Also, I wasn't feeling the "Bruce Willis" look for the last few years. I'm in my late 20's and wear my hair in a bit of a fauxhawk style cut. I admit a surgical solution is probably the only viable option at this point in time. cheers. my life story...

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hi cold and bald, i believed i answered your first post in another thread


If u are interested in Dr Pat, u can look at my blog as well as so many others in this forum.


As for Dr Pong, saw his name sometimes but probably thats all :)


i like ur analogy with the quick peak thingy :)

View my hair loss website. Surgery done by Doc Pathomvanich from Bangkok http://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/home-page.asp?WebID=1730

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I've personally never heard anything about Dr. Pong (positive or negative). However, I think that the lack of clear patient results and experiences is something to consider. Additionally (I know it sounds a bit cliche), you probably shouldn't let cost be a huge motivating factor in your choice of surgeon. I understand that it's a significant investment, but it's going to be far more cost effective to undergo one, state-of-the-art transplant with an excellent surgeon opposed to getting a "cheap" transplant and paying more for touch-ups and repairs in the long-term.


Like others are saying, I would highly recommend Dr. Pathomvanich. He's a fantastic hair transplant surgeon, and I think you should consider consulting with him before committing to a procedure at a different clinic in Thailand. Furthermore, you may want to consider Dr. Madhu in India, or Dr. Mohmand in Pakistan.


Please, feel free to ask any additional questions and keep us updated on your situation. Good luck!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant for the Hair Transplant Network, the Hair Loss Learning Center, the Hair Loss Q&A Blog, and the Hair Restoration Forum


All opinions are my own and my advice does not constitute as medical advice. All medical questions and concerns should be addressed by a personal physician.

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