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Keeping grafts moist or not post op?

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Hi all,


I am currently 4 days post op. I have read conflicting reports regarding the above subject and wanted to see what peoples opinions on the forum was. Is there a need to keep grafts moist after the operation.


I have been advised to only apply bepanthol lotion once a day to the recipent and donor areas, leave it to absorb into the scalp for 30 minutes and then wash the whole head with sebamed shampoo (This is for the first week). Other than that I have been given no further instructions to keep grafts moist at regular intervals.


I know many doctors recommend keeping the grafts moist even as much as every 30 minutes with saline solution/copper peptide spray. The reasons given for this are to ensure the grafts remain hydrated, increasing survival rates and also to speed up healing.


Is there a right or wrong way to treat the grafts. I am slightly concerned that if I am not keeping the grafts moist they may dry out and not survive.



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the moist part is about keeping scabbing to a minimum and help healing


grafts need blood source to survive NOT MOISTNESS


that said there are plusses and minuses to scabs

+ they protect the graft and keep them put

- scabs can become dislodged and take the graft with them before the the graft becomes viable


don't go crazy keeping them moist

mist them light;y when you can

more important to keep the grafts undisturbed until your doctor tells you to start washing with your fingertips



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Sounds like a good question for your doctor. In my experience, they needed hydration 2-3 times a day maximum, if/when the scalp felt dry and itchy, during the first week or so. The most you can do for your grafts is to avoid disturbing them and let them heal naturally.

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The saline based post operative sprays ( H2Ocean, Graftcyte) tend to promote scab formation while also decreasing erythema and inflammation. The ointment based post operative solutions tend to minimize scab formation and allow healing in a moist environment. There is opposing opinions as to which method is better. I have tried both methods and seen good results with both.

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