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Bad Body Hair Transplant


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I was recently listening to Spex and Spencer speak about how body hair should be a last resort due to the 100's of bad body hair transplants they have seen. It can look unnatural and one may be in a worse scenario after the surgery. I greatly respect their expertise and am reaching out to the community for some images of body hair transplants gone bad. I have been unable to find much on this and it may be what we need to see to think twice.


Ideally, this would be from respected surgeons who didn't get ideal results since it is body hair. I'm sure there are many bad cases from bad surgeons out there, not very useful.


The goal of this post is for many of us who are hairy everywhere except where we want it, to see the downside if we go with a quality surgeon and obtain a large amount of body hair grafts.


Thanks all for sharing.

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I don't thin there is anything wrong with using body hair as "filler" if you have exhausted all other options, but I just have not seen a lot of great body hair ht's from any doctor. If my donor was completely shot, I may consider it. It is not hard to see the difference in a scalp ht and a bht.

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but if we go for quailty surgeon like Dr kk arora satyamhair transplant we can get better results


Are you the doctor you mention? Same name :confused:

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