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Does anyone have Hair Transplant dreams???

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Yep, I sure did, especially the last several days leading up to my procedure. I remember after my initial consult for my first transplant I had dreams about how the procedure would go. Let's just say I'm so glad that my dream was way off. Clearly, I was experiencing some anxiety about the procedure and my dreams reflected that. I also had some pleasant dreams with a restored thick head of hair. These dreams reflected my excitement that I was finally doing something real to solve my hair loss problems!

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Originally posted by Rachmunas4life:

I just had a Hair Transplant dream. It's not the first time I've had one. I'm only on this forum 5-10 minutes a day max, but I guess I'm thinking about it often, haha!


Have any of you had H/T dreams?


I know this may sound crazy/bonkers but I actually saw my self in a dream 2-3 times with a head of hair and that was 3 years ago. My 1st H/T was 15 months ago.

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