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Post Op. FUE Question - Is it absolutely necessary to avoid the sun?


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Dear all,

It has almost been 50 days since my FUE Surgery. Like with many of you, I have gone through the shedding phase and going through the much dreaded ugly ducking phase.


The donor area as well as the sides of my head, are growing really well. To the extent that I require a weekly buzz cut to harmonise with the recepient area.


I would like to ask you guys here, do you, or is it recommended to do the following,

1. Avoid exposing your head to the sun completely

2. Use sunblock

3. Use Aloe Vera gel (for Feriduni's patients) until the 6 month mark?


Hope to get some feedback, here, I'm feeling very anxious and panicky as I just looking in the mirror everyday, wondering if I'm taking my hair well.


Kind regards.


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Hi James

I am dr Feriduni patient and my post op instructions didn't say use aloe Vera for. 6 months just 2 weeks, but you can use it for longer for the redness if you want! I stopped after the 2 weeks!! Sun exposure is a no no if possible for the first 6 months

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Hi, how long did you wait until you buzzed the donor area?



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