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Hair loss 9 months after HT

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I had my first and only HT done on April 2013. HT included 1100 grafts / 3200 hairs. I guess everything went OK for the first months. Some regrowth appeared on 5-6 months mark (probably 1000 hairs? but not even close to 3000). Now its 9 months since transplant was done and I can see that my hairs are dropping one by one as time goes on and situation seems like the same before operation.

Could it be shock loss? Shouldn`t the shock loss come on early stages after transplant and not this late? Or could those last 2000 (?) hairs come out this late and loss is appearing because of that?

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Do you have any before and after pics?


1100 grafts /3200 hairs is 2.9 hairs per graft which is a phenomenal ratio!!


Who was your doctor?


Id seriously doubt its shock loss 9 months after your op!

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What has your doc said? You won't be able to get any meaningful advice without photos with the exception that 9 months later, it is doubtful it is shockloss.

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it really could be anything, stress, stopping/starting medication, reaction to your shampoo, seasonal shed, scalp issues etc.

Try to pinpoint the possible factors and contact your doc

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I don`t use any preventative medication at the moment. I used rogaine before the operation but it was waste of money and time.


I use 2-3 different shampoos and those seems to be OK for the scalp. One bad thing I know is that I take too many showers during the week, about 6 times per week. Reason for that is that my hair gets greasy quite fast and then look thin.


Before the operation I had inflammation of scalp (it got really bad during the years and then I noticed that my hair was shedding). I got rid of it with Isotretinoin Actavis. Now my scalp is mostly ok, no inflammation.


Well maybe the situation goes better. It`s just frustrating that when you`ve tried everything to prevent hairloss (shampoos, lotions, pills etc.) and then you go to HT-operation as a last option. After operation I had high expectations but now I am bit down. OK there has been some growth and maybe some more is coming but it`s so disappointing to see my hair shedding one by one.

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