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Should I take the risk of a HT?

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Hello everyone ,

I see that there are a lot of experts on this forum and I would like opinions on my case if possible. And first of all, sorry for my english writting mistakes, im French.


Should I take the risk to get into the process of HTs?


In fact, I 'm 26, I 'm norwood 4A or 5. I took propecia a few years ago , it slowed down a little my loss, but I switched to the wig and I stopped medications. I 'm losing my hair slowly but surely with a diffuse fall on top of the skull .

In my family there is no norwood 7, but most are norwood 5 or 6. They began to have hairloss later than me, but I took Accutane treatment, and i think it accelerate my MPB.


With a slight decline in temporal points , diffuse baldness on the skull ,large frontal receding.


I have a good donor area, and I think I can have the quite same result of that guy in the video if I have good donor density.

I want to take the risk of being grafted with a very conservative approach. Even if Im young and that I am not a good candidate. Because my MPB pattern is already clear.

Im not happy anymore with my hair system, and i want to go in HT process.


I know that like him , there is the risk that I become norwood 7 and that my crown descend a little bit. But I think with the HT and propecia / minox , I could probably live 5 or 10 years serenely . ( maybe I 'd end norwood 6 and in this case 'everything will be fine' , and if I start to be norwood 7 , I could probably use Toppik on thinning hair at the top of the crown or micropigmentation , or even make a BHT transplant)


Living 5 or 10 years with this ploy , I think there is a chance that there will be probably technological advances in matters of HT ( Pilofocus , regeneration of the donor area,doubling follicles ) or even revolutions ( histogen , RepliCel , etc. ..) that can save my life if I become norwood 7.


So with all those elements , if you were in my place , would you take the risk of starting the transplant process?

- Is my plan is reasonable or completely insane?

Seeing the guy on the video , I think I could live a few good years with that ( even if it is sparse on the top and I have to use Toppik ) , and I took the gamble that my baldness stops at norwood 6 as in my family, or bet there will be innovations or hair cloning in the future if I became norwood 7


I would like, if possible, to have the opinions of some of you on my likely approach , and what would you do in my case ? Am I crazy? Are there some negative facts that I didn't take in consideration?


Thank you in advance!

cordially from France

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Altogether, it sounds like you have realistic expectations. I think the most important task - at this point - is to consult with multiple hair restoration experts and obtain a better idea of your candidacy and what it would take to achieve your goals.


Please, let me know if you have any additional questions!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant for the Hair Transplant Network, the Hair Loss Learning Center, the Hair Loss Q&A Blog, and the Hair Restoration Forum


All opinions are my own and my advice does not constitute as medical advice. All medical questions and concerns should be addressed by a personal physician.

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Hi thanks for sharing your concerns about hair transplant. I am 30 and I am planning to do my hair transplant from a hair transplant clinic in Toronto. I had this fear about risks associated with HT but my consulting surgeon gave a clear idea about the surgical hair transplant procedures. In some cases feeling of itching and slight amount of discomfort is observed but it tends to disappear as time.

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Can you post photos of your situation(balding area and donor)? It will give us a much more accurate depiction of your situation. Beware however, even the best doctors have unsuccessful results. You must be willing to endure the possibility of this.

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Thanks to all for your answers!


Yes Dr Gleen, i really want a conservative approach, Im aware that I can not go for a norwood 1 or 2.

But i think of two other solutions: one is make a norwood 3 hairline, with a large number of grafts on the front and midle scalp, and let the crown like it is. I still have hair thinning in my crown so maybe i can use something like "Toppic" to thicker the hairs for some years.


The other solution is more risky maybe but I think of having a norwood 2/3 hairline with more grafts, and use a hair piece for the crown.


What do you guys think of these two approaches?


Yes thank you 'future HT doc' for your disponibility, i have quite few questions :


-I heard that smoking accelerate the hairs's cycle and the MPB hairloss,but also the hairs's cycle in the donor area . If I stop smoking before and after my hair transplant, does the transplanted grafts from the donor aera will stay many years? or will they fall in 1,2,3 years because of the smoke? How fast does the smoke can accelerate the cycle of a hair from the safe zone? Does it accelerate the cycle as fast as the MPB?

Really anxious about that, i smoke for ten years, and im so afraid that my donor area hairs's cycle is destroy, and that i can't go for an HT and also that i can become almost completely bald like in chemiotherapy.

Do you know guys that smoke who had long term successfull HT?

Does the hair cycle in the donor aera will slow if i stop smoking? Or is it a irreversible processus?


Sorry for all these questions, but Im really losing hope since i knew the damages of tabacco on hair follicle.

But im really happy to have found this website which good persons answers your questions.


oh and Yes Mickey i will post photos, but i wear a hearpiece so i'll do the next time i change it in the institute.


Cordially everyone

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