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Donor Scarring Causes???

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Any type of "biopsy" is going to leave a scar. Unfortunately, there are many doctors who promote the FUE as scarless, which is a deception. FUE leaves small, round and sometimes white pigmentation scars in the donor....but if you leave your hair just long enough...no one will be able to see it.

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Outside diameter of the punch is the measurement to watch for scarring.

Watch out for confusing it for inside diameter, which is what you have to watch for graft damage.


The dreaded 'patchy' look is a result of a poor matrix pattern used during extraction as well as any color mismatch between native tissue, scar tissue and bulb color. In other words, imagine having to pull out 30 percent of the TV studio audience without it looking like part of the room is empty. You have to choose prudently.


As for the scar, there no way I know, of scar tissue not forming in the hole left by the extracted follicle. Perhaps there are chemical inhibitors, but then that would leave the area prone to infection so t needs to be plugged, aNd the body floods the zone in blood and then gets to work on healing it. result- scar tissue.


It's no big deal if done right, but how to get it done right?? That is the question.

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