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Post op hair not fully shedding

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I am currently one month and three day post op and a lot of my hairs have shed in the hairline, but there is also a good amount of small prickly hairs that have not shed or grown and seem to be very firmly in place. I've been getting more and more aggressive with shampooing and I had a little more shedding, but it stopped over the past couple days. Do I need to be worried? What does this mean? Will they fall out eventually? Any advice would help! I'm probably overreacting but I need someone to ease my mind. Thanks!

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I am about 2 months post op on my second procedure. After my first, I shed 90+% by one month and this time, up until a week ago, I would say at least 50% were will in place. Some growing and some not. Over the last week, I shed more so I would say there are about 25% left. There is no need for you to worry at all. Some people just shed later than others. The vast majority will eventually shed by 2 months but even if they don't, when the new hair grows, it will just push them out.


Happy growing to you.

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I'm experiencing the same as you JB and I'm 1 month and 5 days post op :)


All the transplanted hair has shed but some of then broke off instead of shedding properly. I have lots of tiny black dots on my scalp. You can't really see them unless you look really close.


Now.....some of those have now started growing again! They have a thick black end which then narrows to a thin, growing, translucent hair. It's the same hair but it seems like it went into hybernation for a month and then continued growing. It's thinner at the growing(scalp) end but the other end is the same thickness as when they were transplanted...weird!


I have loads of them! They don't make a difference to the appearance yet, but they should start to thicken up i hope :)


See attached picture. This is a week ago and I have loads more of these bad boys now....


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Shedding normally occurs (roughly) between day 10 and month 2. At this point, you're still within the normal time frame. You will likely see additionally shedding during month 2 and new graft growth beginning in month 3. Good luck!

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