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Choosing a HT Surgeon

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Hi all,


First of all, great work with the forum. Only a person who is losing his/her hair knows the mentaility of another one :)


I'm a 26 year old male with NW 5 type hair loss. I went through a hair transplant in 2011 (3200 grafts) in India, but the results were very much patchy. When I asked the doctor about this not so good result, what he told me was that I had lost further hair (non-transplanted) and that was the issue. And last time I was in a hurry to get the transplant done, so that I did not come across this forum, and it was only after the surgery I found out that the particular surgeon was not recommended here. It was my fault.


So, here am I thinking of another transplant, and I have done some research on this area and on surgeons. I don't have any local HT surgeons so I chose Dr. Pathuri Madhu from India, who is recommended in this forum. Just about to get in touch with Dr. Madhu, so I thought of getting your expert opinion first! Any reason that I should not choose Dr. Madhu?


Thanks a lot everyone! :)

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Where are you from? Why are you keen on going to India?

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Welcome! Dr. Pathuri Madhu and Dr. Radha Palakurthi are both excellent choices in India and recommended by our community.


If you'd like to consider some of the other excellent physicians we recommend, you can view our interactive map here.


Good luck!

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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Hi Nick153452,


I'm from another Asian country, and I chose India because it is near and the cost is lesser. I have considered HT clinics in Western countries and have seen the wonderful results that those surgeons produce, but the cost is too high for me to afford.


Hi David,


Thanks a lot for the information, I will be checking on Dr. Radha as well! Thanks again! :)

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Hi all,


I'm in the process of contacting Dr. Pathuri and Dr. Radha. I have sent the required images for both of them, but received a response only from Dr. Pathuri. From what I was told by him, the suitability for the second session can only be determined after looking at the existing scar (from first session) and the quality of donor area. In my case, as far as I know, other than the scar, the donor area hair is not affected from the previous session.


I want to get the opinion of you all for couple of things:


1. Can the second session get affected by the existing scar from the first one?

2. In a second FUT session, how do doctors get donor hair? From the scarred area from the first session again, or some other place in the donor area?


I'm a little worried by the reply from the Doctor that a second session might not be possible :(

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