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1600 fue grafts --> beautiful work by dr keser


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a little bit about me i started losing hair when i was 16 my first hair transplant i did when i was 20 years old dr wong from hasson and wong transplant 3030 grafts 6 months after i had hair again and it was beautiful so i stop taking proscar and then i lost my front and my back..

after 4 years that i felt horrible i found dr keser i wanted to do my second ht but i didnt want a strip surgery also my donor hair is not so good only 2 grafts and couple of 3 dr keser extracted 1700 grafts max he couldnt extract more because of my bad donor hair after 2 hts i now have 4600 grafts in the front and for the back im using proscar and it works im feeling that the medication is helping me and my back looks much better after 4 months of using proscar im also using a litte topik but all of the pictures in the blog is without the concealer !! its only 2 months what do you think !!? looks good ahh icon_smile.gif




and here is somthing i found here from the age of 20



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The surgical work from Dr. Keser looks good as does your healing progress at 2 months out. I'll be interested to see your results several months from now after everything grows in.


Just out of curiousity, how come you didn't want to go through strip surgery again? It looks like Hasson and Wong did a tremendous job!


All the Best,



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dr hasson and wong did a good job on me but after 2 years , i kept losing my hair . one of the reasons is that i stopped with the proscar.

when i wanted to to another strip they told me that they can do it for me but i will have bigger scaring in my first surgey they didnt take hair from the sides just from my back so i didnt wanted to have a bigger scar than the scar i have so this is the only reason for doing fue procedure...

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