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what does this mean?


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i got a flyer in mailbox by a cosmetic surgery center . Along with other things they do hair transplant .....highlighting $2.50/ graft (range 5k-7k).

i checked doctors credentials...seems good. also affliated member with

??? Member - International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery.

any thoughts?

BTW i am at NJ and a newbie for this thing

thanks all

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Membership of the ISHRS is apparently just a straightforward job of paying a subscription, I think you need the minimal medical qualifications.They dont check or validate results, you best bet is to pick a Doc from the recommended list on this website. The moderators visit clinics and check results before they get recommended.

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You say you are in NJ, so I just want to caution you. If the ad was for any of the following or includes any of the following Drs, I would not go there if I were you.


Dr. John P Schwinning

Dr James J Malecka

Dr. Gary S Hitzig

Dr. Michael J Kassouf

Dr. Paul M Goldberg


Hitzig Schwinning Medical Group

New Jersey Vein & Cosmetic Surgery

Palisades Center for Facial Cosmetics



Again, if the flyer is part of any of the above, I would stay away. They are all part of a group of hack Drs with various lawsuits against them. As soon as the lawsuits start to pile up against them, they file for bankruptcy and start a "new" company the same day in the same offices with the same phone numbers.


Forum Moderator

(formerly BeHappy)

I am a forum moderator for hairrestorationnetwork.com. I am not a Dr. and I do not work for any particular Dr. My opinions are my own and may not reflect the opinions of other moderators or the owner of this site. I am also a hair transplant patient and repair patient. You can view some of my repair journey here.

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In my opinon, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) does a great job helping to educate physicians from the beginner to the advanced levels. Ultimately, it's a collaborative group of doctors sharing what they've learned with other physicians. However, the only requirement to become a member is to be a doctor and pay a membership fee. Doctors are not reviewed or evaluated based on their surgical skill or results like they are in this community. To see how we prescreen and recommend hair transplant surgeons, click here.


I hope this helps.


Best wishes,



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