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2600 Graft Session on 45 year old patient

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2600 graft session on a 45 year old patient with male pattern baldness and a "trap door" scar of the upper forehead where he had his original juvenile hairline. The center of the hairline was made much lower than most other cases in order to hide this scar.











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imo, in the front shot, something looks off; a hairline that low in the center is kinda rare for a guy in his mid 40's; also, usually when you see a hairline that low, it is much more dense; I'm not trying to be critical of the doc; sounds like the patient requested this to hide a scar he had there; i guess i didn't think the scar was that bad IMO. Also I need to take into consideration that maybe the plan was to add density to that center front area of the hairline in the next session--the post mentioned a scheduled future session. 2600 is not a large amount of grafts, especially when bringing the hairline that low in the center. Maybe there was a reason for such a low amount of grafts--cost, scalp laxity, donor density...I hope this doesn't sound critical, but that front shot screams HT to me; sorry if this offends anybody.

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IMHO, nothing wrong with being critical -- it's entirely normal and natural, and it's fundamental to this site and most any other endeavor.


I think this looks good for the low # of grafts to such a large balding area. However, I also think his hairline looks extremely and conspicuously low, especially for his age; also, given how bald he is, placing *such* a low hairline can't help his cause in allocating remaining donor. If he really wanted it to conceal his scar (which I honestly didn't notice), I guess that explain it -- but it seems pretty risky no matter what with regard to his donor.


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