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Late shock loss


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Trust me when I understand the mad dash toward the end result. I used to find waiting for growth almost unbearable, especially when the second and third procedures were taking longer than the first to grow in. And it's taking even longer for the 4th one to come in.


But no matter how we feel or handle things, we have no choice but to hang in there and go the distance right? You are definitely amongst avid supporters and friends here. If anything, we KNOW how you feel :-).


Hang in there my friend!



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Bill, what has been your experience in terms of absolute time of "cosmetic" result across your transplants? My 2nd has taken probably 6 months to really notice a change and I am hoping to have more of course.



Dec. 2004 - 1938 Grafts via Strip

Feb. 2009 - 1002 Grafts via FUE

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It usually took until about 6 months to start noticing any real cosmetic improvement. To be honest however, I'm a little over 6 months now and am not sure if there is any improvement to my pre-op state. This isn't overly surprising however, for a few reasons. 1) I already had a good bit of density upfront at the end of the third procedure and 3) with each procedure, new hair growth appears to be taking longer for me.


6 months is way too early for me to tell anything yet. I will certainly put photos side by side from 12 months after my third to 12 months afte rmy fourth when the time comes :-).


At 6 months, you definitely have more to come.


All the best,



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