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14 day post - one big scab

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Sorry for my english :>


I'm 14 day post HT and I still have many little scabs that doesn't came off. (i hope you understand that)


Acually my recipient area is one big scab...I'm worry becouse I was reading that scabs should came off and I should have no scabs in/on/at icon_wink.gif 10 day post op...


I am washing my hair once a day with a cup (not shower) and I'm not touching my recipient area :> And I also spraying (?) it with salt water...I was reading that maybe I should using shower and massage my recipient area, but I really don't know how. I have little stiff hairs there and I'm not able to touch my skin there without (I don't know..) making something wrong with that hair? (hair from the grafts...)


I also bought olive for a children, becouse nurs (she was taking out my stich) says that I can put it on scabs and wait 30 minutes and then wash my hair, what do you think?


I was talking with my doctor and he sad that I should not be worry and that I should wait - and scabs will came off...


So is it ok to have scabs in 14 day post op? Many, many scabs..about 90% is there.


I watched your photos and I see that at this time (2 weeks) you look great, you have only this new hairs and no scabs... That's worry me a lot icon_frown.gif


I'm going back to work on next monday and I'm starting to panic...




I will add the photo...


Thanks for some advice...



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At this point 14 days post op you can definetly get more aggressive with the hair washing. There is no reason to still have scabs 2 weeks after surgery. If you live close enough to the doctor you should go back and make them clean it. Someone should have contacted you from the clinic to follow up and make sure everything was going well. I recommend showering twice a day and gently rub the recipient area with shampoo. Good luck.

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