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Sutures and Shedding


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First --- This was more of a "YES!" venting. After 2 weeks, got my sutures out. Local clinic who removed them said the donor area looked very clean and was healing very well.


But to get them out is always a GREAT feeling!


After 2 HT (800 and 2000 grafts) I never had shedding in the donor area, but I did this 3rd time (2600 grafts). I was wondering if anyone else had similar issue.


From what I've read and have been told, it shold grow back with no problems. But found it interesting I didn't have this issue on the other 2 HTs.

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There's nothing more refreshing than getting sutures/staples removed after 10 plus long days of waiting :-).


Donor area shock loss can happen, and it did for me a couple months into 2 of the 4 procedures. In both cases, all the hair came back, and I'm sure it will for you too :-)


Happy growing!



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Unfortunately, there is no test we can perform to determine who will get hair loss due to shock and who will not. I have had several patients over the years with similar stories to yours. They had multiple procedures but only had donor shock loss after one of the procedures. I am happy to say that in all those cases the patients eventually had full recovery in the donor area.

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