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Dr Feller never responded

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Hey Spud,


I wouldn't say it is common, but this issue has been brought up before. Dr Feller responded with the following:



Internet contacts:

We've received the complaints mentioned in this thread before and each and every time it's been because we either never received the emails, or they were caught in the spam filter, or the photo attachments sent by the perspective patient were too large to make it through email. This last issue is VERY common.


As for us 'losing' photos, that's impossible, and so there is obviously some miscommunication there. We can't lose photos because they are either in the email account or they are not.


We receive hundreds of emails per day and we read every single one of them. If there are photos attached Marcia will show them to me for my opinion and then will write straight back to the potential patient with my suggestions.


Some patients expect us to call them after sending us an email. We will not do that as too many people send someone else's phone number in order to play a practical joke. Sad but true.


It is up to each patient to send their email and then call Marcia to confirm it was received. Then, after the pictures in the email have been viewed by me, an email will go back to the patient telling them to CALL us at their convenience to work out the details of setting up a surgical date.



Telephone contacts:


As for telephoning, we are here M-F from 8am to 5pm and every phone call is answered. There is no opportunity for someone to leave a message during business hours. For European patients Spex is available at times more conducive for your time zone.



We have used the above routine for years without a problem. There really is no more efficient way then this method. Even so, some of you will fall through the cracks, and for that we sincerely apologize. But we have never had a patient fail to get through to us in a timely and responsible manner.




Maybe you could try calling the clinic to confirm that they have recieved your emails?

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