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Does scalp laxity trump donor density & shaft diameter for strip ?

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I know it would be most ideal to be off the charts in all 3 categories. But let's say you are right in the middle (average) concerning hair shaft diameter and donor density, but your laxity is way above average. Will that be a better position to be in than to have poor or average laxity, but coarse shaft diameter and above average donor density ?


I see many cases of NW6 patients who had average donor density, and even fine caliber hair -- but because they had a super elastic scalp they were able to get a very full looking restoration.


I'm just wondering what characteristic is truly the most important one for patients that may end up NW6 (worst case scenario) at some point ? My guess would be laxity, but I'm wondering if I am wrong.

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I think that donor density is probably the single most important factor. However, hair caliper (hair shaft diameter) and scalp laxity are also both very important. I would prefer great density with average laxity over average density and really good laxity.

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