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  1. Spex, you're a rockstar buddy. Been awhile but I hope you're doing as well as your hair is.
  2. Kind of shocking to hear the docs aren't a big fan of one of only two hair loss drugs proven to work at combating MPB. I think telling someone who has been using minox for years to stop is asking for big trouble.
  3. I've been using rogaine foam for 8 years. Are you suggesting someone like me quit because of the collagen issues? Seems like I'm a little too far down the road for that.
  4. Absolutely. Not too different from mine, although Joe Tillman had a video about Biotin and Omega-3 potentially do more harm than good. You off rogaine foam now too?
  5. Spex you old dog! Hair is still looking as good as ever. What's your regimen these days? Any lotions, potions, vitamins, sprays, shampoos, etc etc you've added to the mix?
  6. People keep listing Konior and I agree he's a great surgeon but where are all his FUE results that merit him being on this list? I've followed every result he has posted over the last 5 years and I don't know if there are double digit results out there of his FUE work. Strip sure, but there are clinics with a ton more FUE results on the web. Until I see more of his results, I'm not sure he belongs on this list. And this is coming from someone who fell in love with his strip results.
  7. Your hair looks awesome O.S. I just looked back at your first album and can't believe how far you've come. Hard to believe this has another 6-8 months of more maturing.
  8. Zup, do you think you would be able to post some recent FUE results? Would love to see some of the cases you have been doing recently that you mentioned. Thanks!
  9. People are going to notice one way or the other eventually so might as well just come clean about it so it's not a big deal.