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considering ht...

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Hi everybody, I'm currently considering HT, here's a little background on myself, I'm in my 30s. My temple has been receding slowly over the past couple of years, but it has stopped at a Norwood stage 2, and seems to be staying that way (I've noticed it's been the same for the last 3 years or so).


Judging by my family's history, eg. my dad and my grandad, that is as far as it will recede. I've been reading this forum and it's been extremely helpful. I've decided that all I need is a bit of work on my temples as that's what's bothering me. I've had a consult with a doctor and he reckons 1000 grafts would do the job.


However, I've still got a couple of questions...


1. For a case like mine, I don't plan to take any medication like Rogaine or Propecia after HT and was just wondering if there was anybody with a similar case like mine who has done HT and not take any medication and not have their HT hairs fall out? Say maybe somebody like 5 yrs post op?


PS. I have read that transplanted hair will never fall off since they are from a permanent donor zone that's resistant to DHT but still, just wondering.



2. Is Trychophytic closure the best way to go for my case as I don't want a visible scar? And if so, which is the best between a Marzola, Fechet or Rose technique? Or, what is the difference?



Thanks in advance for any opinions and help. Also, sorry if any of these questions have been answered in the past.

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Welcome...........though my case was not similar to yours, I'll answer your Q's as best I can:


1. You're likely in a somewhat unique situation at your age and state of loss compared to the majority here. With no evidence of thinning elsewhere, you may be pretty close to being done receding at the temples......you never know for sure. Propecia (Finasteride) or Rogaine (Minoxidil) are taken merely as prevention for further loss. Whether or not you opt to take either (I'd recommend you strongly consider them) the HT hair you receive won't fall out as it was taken from the "safe" zone and is not susceptible to Male-Pattern-Baldness. So you have heard correctly, the HT hair is not susceptible to dht attacks as the rest of your native hair in that area.


2. Yes........I believe trychophytic donor closure is the best way to go. I won't recommend between the variations of the method, each should cause hair to grow through the scar which aids in hiding it. Most can clip down close to 1/2" before anything would be detectable, many can even clip closer. You'll have a scar but hopefully it will be paper thin and you'll have hair growing through it.


Hope this helps.



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Welcome to the forums. Nice alias by the way...lol.


Hairbank answered your questions very well. I really don't have much more to add except:


Transplanted hairs are permanent...they will not fall out and you don't need finasteride or minoxodil to keep them. The finasteride and/or minoxodil when people use them are to preserve native hair. In your situation, you may be done receeding, but since hairloss is unpredictable, you never know. You may want to consider getting on finasteride as a precaution, however, if you choose not to, I'd take monthly pictures of your head from all angles and compare them to make sure you are not losing more hair. you can always get on finasteride later, but there is always a risk.


Trichphytic closure is the best IMO because hairs grow through t he scar. I also cannot comment on the variations of the technique because I don't know the differences.


Hope this helps.



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The two vets abve said it best


I would surmise the differences between the closure techniques are minimal as most of the top tops use the smae techniques more or less. Some call it the edge closure or the T- closure..


It is the best way to go



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My views are based on my personal experiences, research and objective observations. I am not a doctor.


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Thanks for all your replies guys! They've put my mind at ease.


Bill... heheh yeah, couldn't think of anything else since I'm totally new to both HT and posting on forums ;p


Again, thanks guys!

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